Decontrolled 5,000 Kg 商用車輛獲提升至 7,500 Kg


頃接交通部技術部門函件,得悉內閣會議已經通過同意將現有的Decontrolled 5,000 Kg商業車輛,提升到7,500 Kg ,維有關車輛只能運載本身的貨品。


目前所有在7,500 Kg 以下的車輛,都可向交通部提出申請提升載重量至7,500 Kg, 但是有關車輛必須要符合一些技術上的準則。


We were informed by? the Technical Department of JPJ that the cabinet has had agreed to upgrade the current 5,000 Kg decontrolled commercial vehicles to 7,500 Kg but only for carrying own goods.


All present commercial vehicles below 7,500 Kg are eligible to apply for the upgrading to Decontrolled 7,500 Kg subjected to some fulfillment of the technical requirement of the vehicles.